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Living Black at University: Call for Case Studies

By ASRAcomms 17 Feb 2023

The Living Black at University report was published on 3 February 2022, providing evidence that Black students have a poorer experience in purpose built student accommodation (PBSA) than their peers.

In both university halls of residence and private PBSA, the research uncovered widespread experiences of exclusion and racism compounded by difficulties in finding safe routes to report these issues. This contributed to a lower sense of belonging compared to their peers, and the majority of Black students reported that racism in accommodation had a negative impact on mental health.

The Unite Students Commission on Living Black at University was set up to support the UK higher education sector to embed the recommendations of the report through structural changes in the sector and sharing good practice.

We are inviting the submission of case studies to be included in the Commission’s final report, to be published in summer 2023.

To be considered for inclusion, the case study should directly address at least one of the recommendations of the Living Black at University report, and should be relevant to students in purpose built accommodation (university halls or private PBSA). Broader initiatives can be included if they can demonstrate evidence of impact on Black students in line with the report’s recommendations.

Case studies should be a maximum of 750 words and include:

  • A description of the project or initiative, including enough operational detail to enable others to replicate it in their own institution or organisation
  • The issue that it addressed, with reference to one or more of the Living Black recommendations
  • How Black students were consulted and/or involved
  • Impacts, including evaluation evidence and/or feedback from Black students
  • Key learnings from the project

We would also be interested in:

  • The evidence or feedback that prompted the project
  • How you have, or plan to, take the initiative forward or make it a part of your mainstream service
  • Where it sits in relation to your institution’s wider EDI or widening participation programme, for example whether it is part of an effort to decrease the degree awarding gap

Please send case studies for consideration to by 31 March 2023.

We cannot guarantee that all case studies will be published, and reserve the right to edit the material to ensure a consistent style throughout the report.


ASRAcomms is Jordan Meates, ASRA Communications & IT Officer based at Sheffield Hallam University.
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