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ASRA Conference 2022: Training Session Slides

By ASRAcomms 15 Apr 2022

Check out some of the Training Slides from ASRA 2022 held at Wyboston Lakes Resort, 6th - 9th March

Monday 7th March

Plenary Session:  2 years on! COVID impact and the future. Paul Harris, Anglia Ruskin University

Rosewood_-_Monday_Plenary_-_Paul_Harris.pptx (14011KB)

Blue 1: Students and Social Media in 2022 and beyond: Why it’s more important now than ever before. Oliver Harrison, Director of Content

Campuslife_Students__Social_Media_in_2022__beyond.pdf (4883KB)

Blue 2: Supporting severely allergic students at University. Sarah Baker & Melissa Singh, The Anaphylaxis Campaign

Beech_-_Monday_Blue_2_-_Sarah_Baker__Melissa_Singh.pptx (1565KB)

Orange 2: The 3 A's - Application, Allocation, Arrival (engaging online experiences). Jordan Meates, Sheffield Hallam University

Orange_2._Jordan_Meates._3As_-_Application_Allocation_Arrival.pdf (4058KB)

Pink 2: Stress Busters. Lisette Metcalfe, Middlesex University & Sarah Reynolds, Unite Students

Poplar_-_Monday_Pink_2_-_Lisette_Metcalfe__Sarah_Reynolds.pptx (2312KB)

Red 2: A Nordic Perspective: Introducing the Finnish Student Housing Context. Lauri Lehtoruusu, SOA - The Finnish Association of Student Housing Organisations

Elm_-_Monday_Red2_-_Lauri_Lehtoruusu.pptx (7050KB)

Yellow 2: Legal Update. Hilary Crook, Hatch Legal

Ebony_-_Monday_Yellow_2_-_Hilary_Crook.pptx (1374KB)

Tuesday 8th March

Blue 3 & 4: How to thrive outside your comfort Zone. Kathryn Eade

Beech_-_Tuesday__Blue_3_4_-_Kathryn_Eade.pptx (12959KB)

Orange 3: The Accommodation Costs Survey - What does it tell us about how university and private sector accommodation is evolving? Victoria Tolmie-Loverseed, Unipol Student Homes

Ash_-_Tuesday_Orange_3_-_Victoria_Tolmie-Loverseed.pptx (4692KB)

Red 3: Working with the Policy and tackling Drug Culture. Hilary Crook, Hatch Legal 

Elm_-_Tuesday_Red_3_-_Hilary_Crook.pptx (3738KB)

Orange 4: Eat, Sleep, Recycle, Repeat.  How to engage students to adopt more sustainable behaviours. Joanna Heneker, Sust. Consulting

Ash_-_Tuesday_Orange_4_-_Jo_Heneker.pptx (6101KB)

Red 4: Assured Shorthold Workshop. Hilary Crook, Hatch Legal

Elm_-_Tuesday_Red_4_-_Hilary_Crook.pptx (2936KB)

Red 5: PBSA in Ireland - Market Overview and Future Prospects. Enda McGuane, Winters Property

Elm_-_Tuesday_Red_5___Enda_McGuane.pptx (5807KB)

Yellow 5: Ferry 'cross the Mersey - a trip through University of Liverpool's Student Journey. Katy Lemmon, Ellen Ellis & Robyn Hughes, University of Liverpool

Ebony_-_Tuesday_Yellow_5_-_Katy_Lemmon_Ellen_Ellis__Robyn_Hughes.pdf (2150KB)

Orange 6: End of Term Clear Out - Pack for Good Campaign. Amanda Purkiss & Dan Ward, The British Heart Foundation

Ash_-_Tuesday_Orange_6_-_Amanda_Purkiss__Dan_Ward.pdf (2020KB)

Green 6: Support, Report, Respect: Together for a Safe and Inclusive Community. Louise Baker & Savanna Thompson, Leeds Beckett University

Cherry_-_Tuesday_Green_6_-_Louise_Baker__Savanna_Thompson.pptx (8409KB)


ASRAcomms is Jordan Meates, ASRA Communications & IT Officer based at Sheffield Hallam University.
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