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Update from your ASRA Chair 2021

By PoppyHumphrey 03 Mar 2021

Hello All 

I appreciate it has been a while since my last message so an update is long overdue 

I am aware you have all been extremely busy in these unprecedented and challenging times.

What a different year it has been for us all ............

However, Asra has still been active even though it has been behind the scenes

  •  Thank you to all that attended the virtual AGM on 23rd November 2020
  • The 3rd Asra Annual Report for 2019/20 is now available
  • We have welcomed 3 new Regional Reps
  • Due to the unprecedented times all the Management Team have agreed to continue in post until 2022 and our next AGM this ensures continuity for the association
  • I know you will all have been looking forward to our Annual Conference but feel reassured we are working tirelessly to ensure we hold an event in the future where we can all meet in person and enjoy so watch this space.........

It has been amazing to observe how Jiscmail has been useful for members and hopefully the Q&As have been invaluable in supporting members that were unsure where to seek advice and guidance.

Your regional representatives have been active engaging with members even if it is virtually and they will continue to do so moving forward.

 A new initiative for the future is ........ the ‘Asra Hour’ the first will be on Wednesday 3rd March at 2pm hosted by Sarah Reynolds the South East Rep it will be a virtual event with a topic covering Wellbeing.

This will be a standing event on the first Wednesday of the month at 2pm and open to ALL members so please join in it is an opportunity for us all to showcase what Asra is about for all members! 

It is also your time and to ensure it’s successful we need members input so..............

THINK about topics you would like us to cover

THINK about how the management team can best support you all

THINK about volunteering to host a topic or debate

And last but not least......

THINK about becoming involved in the management of your association there are positions will be available so do you fancy being involved whether it be our next Chair or any other position please get in touch and find out what it entails.

Please direct all emails to

You are all the future of Asra.......get involved.......make a difference and remember 

#asraforlife and #asrahour


Karen Burke

Asra Chair


PoppyHumphrey is ASRA Communications & IT Officer. Based at Manchester Student Homes
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