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Training and Development: Afternoon Sessions

By gemmacampuslife 01 Dec 2018

These sessions will be held on Tuesday 9th April from 13:30...


Assured Shorthold Tenancy Masterclass 
Hilary Crook 
Hatch Legal
Red 5

Generation Rent has made the politicians aware that something must be done to tackle problems in the quality and availability of housing. The government is working on a “comprehensive package” of housing measures … one of which seems to be to make it increasingly more difficult for landlords to recover possession. This can have a serious impact on short-term lettings in the summer. More than ever, having the right paperwork is vital to the success of renting in the private sector. Landlords who get it wrong may never be able to recover possession if the tenant is not at fault, and could face fines or prosecution.

This workshop invites delegates to bring their own agreements and procedures to be put to the test, and the speaker will give practical tips on how to close up any loopholes.


Push the Panic Button! What to do when things go wrong.
Tatjana Walker & Luke Blake,
Unite Students.
Blue 5

What do you do when things go wrong? Are you prepared to handle emergency situations? How do you continue operating in crisis with students and their welfare at the forefront of your mind? We would love to share our story of learning from experiences over the years whilst doing what’s right and delivering ‘Home for Success’ to all of our customers.


Students and Alcohol Issues
Liam Watson
Yellow 5

The session will explore the practical safety issues around students alcohol use.


Creating an optimistic workplace
James & Alix Donaldson
Pink 5

Identifying the core conditions and development tools required to enable a positive workplace environment that encourages growth, cohesion and professional well-being. Examining the impact of positive psychology and mindfulness on individuals, teams and cultures whilst developing effective and long-term coping strategies, habits and behaviours.


Private Sector Accommodation Providers are now more student-friendly than Universities: why is that?
Simon Kemp
Orange 5

What steps have private providers taken to improve the service they give to students within their accommodation in recent years and in what ways do these exceed current provision by universities?

In this session we will look at what innovations have been introduced by PBSA suppliers; how has the requirements of the Code that they are member of adapted to these and what (if any) are the significant differences between the sectors.