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The ASRA Mailbase

By asra 30 Sep 2016

What is the ASRA Mailbase?

The ASRA mailbase is an easy way to share information, best practice and seek advice or information from ASRA members operated through  ASRA members, individual workers within member institutions and organisations, are automatically given access to the mailbase.

All members named by their institution or organisation on their annual membership application or renewal will be given access to the mailbase. Once you have access, contacting ASRA members is a simple as sending one email. Please note that ASRA is unable to give access to anyone who is not a named member of the association.  

Using the ASRA Mailbase

Sending emails to the Mailbase
Once you have access to the mailbase, contacting ASRA members is easy.  Simply send your email to and it will be distributed to the membership of the association.   

Replying to Questions on the Mailbase
When you are responding to an email from the mailbase, please only reply to the person who sent the email. Reply all emails are not necessary and can add unwanted traffic to inboxes.  

Collating/Collecting answers to questions

It is very handy for members if you can collect the information you get from posing a question. It's all part of ASRA's knowledge sharing and a great benefit to other members. You can send the answers to the mailbase or only to the people who 

Viewing the Mailbase Message Archive
Go to which has all messages and any replies sent to the list. You must have joined and registered a password at JISCMail to assess the archives. If you are on the mailbase you will be able to resister easily by visiting  and click the register password button.  

What if you are an ASRA members but are not receiving emails from the mailbase?

Please email with the word Join in the subject box. Your membership status will then be checked and if you are a member, you will be given access to the mailbase. You will receive notification emails when this happens. 

If you don't want to be on the mailbase

You can unsubscribe through the website. 


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