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Annual Conference

Supplier Showcase: Speaker Profiles

By gemmacampuslife 10 Feb 2019


Transition - The Leap to University
Chris Cater & Allison Parkes-Norris 
Unite Students
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The transition from school to university is a bit like riding a bike without stabilisers for the first time.

As a suddenly independent student, you experience a heady mix of anticipation, excitement and anxiety.  As a parent, meanwhile, it’s a moment when you have to let go and send your child off on their own, provoking conflicting feelings of pride and apprehension.

It’s this sense of opportunity and uncertainty that makes the transition to university such an important, pivotal life moment.  We call this moment ‘The Leap’.

We have conducted research into this by speaking to parents and students from across the UK, as well as drawing on the experience of our people, who spend their working lives looking after students from every imaginable background and consulted a panel of recognised experts. This research suggests that, given the right support and preparation, the vast majority of students have what it takes to not only make The Leap, but find it a valuable, rewarding and memorable experience.

In this session, we will present our findings and look at how these should be taken forward to support students pre and post arrival.  


Unlock your accommodation team's true potential 
John Gledhill & Stewart Davis
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Are your accommodation staff still tied to highly manual application, booking, allocation, billing and check-in processes?

Do you have a systematic approach to engaging students in residence and registering levels of wellbeing?

Find out how StarRez can help you streamline and automate your routine operations, integrate more effectively with your other campus systems, and allow your team to engage your students and focus on the things that really matter to them. 

We will look at: 

  • Streamlining the application and booking journey with engaging self-service tools
  • Automating routine decision-making and how to update all your other campus systems automatically from StarRez
  • Eliminating paper-based and email-based forms
  • Using the StarRez Campus Life capabilities (Programming, Interactions, Concerns and Incidents) to truly engage with your residents


Line of Duty - Special Investigation
Simon Horniblow
Yellow 1

Join DCI Simon Horniblow and his team from Campuslife (the Higher Education Response Officers) as they tackle OPERATION #NOFILTER, a unique case of student experience and engagement
involving universities and students across the UK.

Can they follow the winding trail of the student journey, crack the student experience and unravel the mystery of what students actually want from their accommodation in 2019? 


Manage your student accommodations, inspections, maintenance and more
Marie-Catherine Loeckx
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We understand that managing student housing can be quite challenging, that’s why we created specific tools for you to be able to handle this demanding job.
During our session we will explore the many benefits our Student housing software has on offer, along with exploring the latest features of the apps. Training and Development Programme During our session we will discuss:

1. The Dorm Inspector App specifically created for the housing officer, resident dean or for professional inspectors for both on campus and off campus housing be it public or private.
2. The Floor Inspector App created for resident assistants, student staff and floor inspectors
3. The Resident Side, a tool where which students can indicate any issues/damages or problems on communal areas or their rooms, on this platform they can also see all report or changes assigned to them.
4. The Chapps Dorm Manager a handy web-based back office, which includes maintenance management tools, tenancy booking tools and much more
5. The Chapps Building Inspector App our latest App which is specifically created for your building Inspections, a particularly handy tool for managing your building and maintenance controls.

This session is aimed at: Housing Officers, Facility Managers, Residential Housing Team, Residential Accommodation departments or Student Accommodation Professionals.


Embrace Student Interaction to Enhance Satisfaction
Richard Abbots
Inventory Hive
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A look at how harnessing a student-centric approach can streamline workflows, reduce damages and give students a fair voice. How seamless is your student’s first experience with their accommodation? If it’s anything but effortless for them, or your team, then chances are it’s dated and perhaps inefficient. This presentation will explore the current ‘status quo’ and identify how embracing interaction enhances student satisfaction.

This session will discuss:
• How first impressions counts
• How to create better engagement from the get-go
• How better engagement leads to better communication and fewer disputes
• How maintenance can be integrated within workflows to enhance student satisfaction.

Using ‘Room Service’ by Kinetics? This presentation will also touch upon our exciting integration going live this Autumn!  

This session is aimed at: Estates Management Staff, Housekeeping, Maintenance & Resi-Life