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Annual Conference

Member Led Discussions: Speaker Profiles

By gemmacampuslife 10 Feb 2019

Developing Community and Rapport - taking student support in residences back to basics
Cheryl Hutton
Edinburgh University
Red 2

In this session, we will explore how to enhance the student experience through the development of community from pre-arrival to when the students depart our accommodation.

Reflecting on the value of a sense of belonging and being connected. We will also assess how to measure success and student satisfaction and we will explore fun, innovative and back-to-basics ideas of what Residence Life does and the impact it has.
This session is aimed at: Resident Life and Accommodation professionals.


Student Wellbeing - Middlesex University partnership between accommodation and sports
Lisette Metcalfe
Middlesex University
Blue 2 

For the 2018 academic year, the Accommodation Team have joined forces with sports to promote the new University-wide Activity portal where students and staff can sign up and log their activity to win prizes and discount vouchers.

In halls, we are keen to promote exercise as a positive way to wellbeing whilst also trying to make it fun. We are also trying to get the students to work in teams within their flats to build a better community spirit. 


Town Gown Relations – A Global Approach: a whistle-stop tour of key issues relating to students’ living off campus, from a worldwide perspective
Cooper Healey & Poppy Humphrey
UK Town and Gown Association
Yellow 2

We know that the majority of students spend the majority of their time living off campus. We want our students to have the best possible experience living in our communities, but there may be a few hiccups along the way. Learn about key ‘Town-Gown’ issues facing off-campus communities across the globe, from South Manchester to South Carolina and somewhere in between. Discuss similarities and trends and consider unique methods to help develop your toolkit for managing town-gown relations. It will be back to the classroom for attendees with a little of bit history and an academic perspective thrown in too, as well as real-life case studies for you to draw on and shape your own campaigns and practices.
This session is aimed at: any delegates who engage with students’ living off campus.


24/7 University Support
Dr Kevin Partington & Natalie Cosgrove
University of Southampton
Pink 2

A brief overview of how the University of Southampton provides wellbeing support for students 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with a participative discussion group. The session will discuss a risk-based approach to 24/7 provision of services including:

• lower-level prevention activities aimed at developing a sense of community, increasing resilience and engagement, and improved education and normalisation of common student issues.
• mid-level targeted support, advice, and guidance for students facing specific difficulties.
• specific interventions for high-risk students in crisis or requiring urgent support.

The session will include insight into the development of the University of Southampton’s support services over the past few years, including the triage process used to determine the most appropriate support for students, the addition of hypnotherapy and Solution-Focused work to reduce waiting times, and the development of an out of hours team to a 24/7 wellbeing service based in Halls but linked to central support services and available to all students, including those in the private sector. We will also be happy to answer any questions you may have about our services and the development of this model.
This session is aimed at: University staff involved in student wellbeing including support services, halls of residence, Health and Safety, Student Unions, Faculty staff, and security.


The challenges of opening a new build property (and gridlocking the City on move in day!!!).
Christie Lee & Angela Dunkley
Orange 2

From the ground works to move in we will share our experience of a new build property working in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University. We also had a social media weekly update to encourage students to feel part of the process and want to live here. My life was spent living and breathing the building so this could feel like a counselling session to some of you!! This session will provide an opportunity to discuss the good, bad and ugly of a new build; exchange views on how social media can ensure buy-in from customers and engage all involved in the programme and project planning of a new build.
This session is aimed at: anyone who is or involved in a new build in the future.