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Management committee

Karen Burke

By asra 30 Sep 2016


ASRA Chair

Accommodation Services Manager, Sheffield Hallam University

What do you enjoy most about working in student accommodation?

The fact that no day is the same and that the market changes so much you have to ensure you keep in touch with what’s happening in the sector and the potential effect it could have on members.

Not forgetting that accommodation and the related staff can make a massive difference to an individual when they start a new and exciting chapter called the 'student experience'!  

Can you provide details about a specific student accommodation project that you’ve been involved in, that you’re really proud of?

We made a considered choice in not building our own student accommodation and working in partnership with providers to supply us with accommodation over 25 years ago. This has been an ongoing review that is now built into our ethos and enabled what would have been spent to be used on academic buildings.

What does ASRA mean to you?

ASRA is an association that I feel is supportive, engaging, inclusive and ‘friendly’ that enables staff in all different areas to find common ground, tailored training and supportive networking and communication. 

 What is your best ASRA memory?

Oh do I have to ??? There are so many!!! But, if I have to single one out it would be my very first conference in Blackpool and arriving on my own and nervous and apprehensive but soon being made to feel welcome by Mike Ball and Alison Spencer who I am still friends with and will be for many years to come………….. :)

What does the ASRA Chair do?

The Chair of ASRA is involved in all aspects of the associations business.

  • To achieve, maintain and promote the association's aims and objectives.
  • To work to ASRA's standing orders, constitution and financial regulations.
  • To represent the assoication on national bodies.

Full description of roles and responsibilities can be found in the members area.