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ASRA Conference 2023: Training Session Slides

By ASRAcomms 04 Jun 2023

Please see below training session slides from Conference 2023 in Belfast

Stress Busters - Get Creative!

Blue_1_Lisette_Metcalfe__Sarah_Reynolds.pdf (577KB)

Understanding Your Map of the World

Blue_4_Mel_Loizou.pptx (11215KB)

Mega Trends

Mega_Trends_Gareth_Kennedy.pdf (3178KB)

Mega_Trends_Jamie-Lukas_Campbell.pdf (2801KB)

Eat, Sleep, Recycle, Repeat!

Orange_4_Joanna_Heneker.pptx (7196KB)


Orange_3_Joanna_Heneker.pptx (4419KB)

Sustainability - Your Climate Future

Orange_5_Scott_Howes.pdf (9992KB)

Food Waste Trial

Orange_6_Angie_Flynn__Lousie_Buxton.pptx (11412KB)

Students and Substance Use

Pink_5_Liam_Watson.pdf (7910KB)

Cannabis Use

Pink_6_Liam_Watson.pdf (6245KB)

HMO Licensing & Repayment Orders

Red_6_Nicholas_Coomber.pptx (2108KB)

Why is Customer a dirty word?

Yellow_3_Katy_Lemmon.pdf (3049KB)

Guaranteeing accommodation to new students in an era of worsening shortage - a thankless task?

Yellow_6_Ed_Naylor.pdf (399KB)


ASRAcomms is Jordan Meates, ASRA Communications & IT Officer based at Sheffield Hallam University.
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